At Emparion, we work with physicians nationwide on tax efficient retirement structures. Our strategies include cash balance plans, defined benefit plans, 401ks and other retirement vehicles. Our goal is to educate our clients on retirement strategies that aren’t often understood or implemented by CPAs or financial advisors. Many of our plans allow our clients to contribute in excess of $100,000 annually and get a full tax deduction. We are third-party administrators and not financial advisors or custodians. This allows you to use our plans with your current financial advisor or even at custodians like Charles Schwab, Vanguard or Fidelity. We examine your situation and offer strategic advice to lower your tax bill and help you grow your retirement. Contact us today or call us at 1-844-340-1000 for a free, customized cash balance plan illustration or retirement consultation.

  • Services: Workplace retirement plans
  • Fee Structure: Flat-fee
  • Location: Chandler, AZ
  • Application, ADV2
  • Website, [email protected], (844) 340-1000

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