[Update: Note that the special promotional period for the 2018 match day is now over. The course is still a great value, but not quite as cheap as during the promotional period.]

Just a quick blog post this evening to let you all know about a special deal we're offering this week. (There will still be the usual Wednesday morning guest post.) But first, a few words of congratulations are in order.

There aren't a lot of “holidays” in the medical world. We're on a different calendar than the rest of the world. For example, our calendar starts on July 1, the absolutely worst time to be in a teaching hospital, when the MS2s become MS3s, the MS3s become MS4s, the MS4s become interns, the interns become junior residents, the junior residents become senior residents, and the senior residents become attendings. But our biggest holiday, bar none, is Match Day. It used to be just a day, but it has really grown into an entire week. For those of you who aren't physicians, here's how it works for fourth year medical students across the country:

How The Match Works

On Monday morning, March 12th, all the MS4s who entered the match (the computerized algorithm that determines where you go to do residency) find out IF they matched. If they did, there is widespread rejoicing. While they may not know WHERE they will train in their chosen specialty, they do know THAT they will train. This notification also sets off the “scramble,” officially known as the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program. Programs that didn't fill all their residency spots start trying to grab up the applicants that didn't match and the applicants that didn't match start trying to get into these residency slots. Madness and panic ensue on both sides. Within 4 hours of notification, the students have their applications in and the programs start reviewing them. Less than 24 hours later, the programs can start putting in their rank lists. 24 hours after that (now Wednesday afternoon), “round 1” of the scramble is over after applicants get, no kidding, 2 hours to accept or reject their job offers. There are two more rounds of this on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is “match day”, when every one who didn't scramble finds out where they're going at 1 pm Eastern Time. There are shouts of glee and tears (both of joy and sadness) all around by both students and their partners. It's both exciting and stressful, all at once.

In celebration of this rather insane process, here at The White Coat Investor want to say both Congratulations to those who are happy with what they received from the process and condolences to those who are not. (By the way, if you did not match, here's a great article on what to do now.)

A Special Discount Offer on Our Online Course

In addition, we've got a special offer for EVERYONE, not just the MS4s. For the next 5 days, two days before and two days after Match Day, we're going to have an “affiliate sale” of our premiere offering, the online course entitled Fire Your Financial Advisor, for 15% off- just $425. In addition to that discount, anyone purchasing the course at that discount will also get a signed copy of our book, The White Coat Investor: A Doctor's Guide to Personal Finance and Investing. (Incidentally, Amazon is running its own sale on the print book right now, selling it at about our bulk rate.)

What's an “affiliate sale”, you might ask? An affiliate sale means you have to buy the book through one of our affiliate partners. In fact, I'm not even going to give you the secret coupon code that will give you this discount. You have to go to one of our partners' sites to get it and come through one of their affiliate links. Otherwise you pay regular price, $499, and don't get the book. This all goes live tonight at midnight and goes until Sunday at midnight. Don't email me next Monday morning saying you procrastinated and missed out on the discount. You've got five days. Nobody is operating or busy on call all day long for five straight days. Like always,  you still get the 7-day, no-questions asked, money back guarantee. (And no, we're not going to ship the book until the 7 days have passed!)


This course has been out now for a couple of months and has received excellent reviews. Here are some examples from real students:

Great information. I came in knowing less than zero about financial planning. This course literally saved us TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars as we were just about ready to sign up for a 15k/year front loaded whole life insurance policy with a well-known company. The insurance exams and everything were already done and all we had to do was sign. WHEW! That alone made this course worth it. However, it has meant so much more. We now have a financial plan and a trajectory towards retirement that we can actually articulate. Before we were just throwing money around and hoping for the best. Thanks very much for your hard work putting this course together!

Great Course, very useful, especially for Residents, early Attendings to get started on the right financial footing. I am excited to put what I learned into practice.

Wonderful course, well worth the value. Thank you.

I just finished the course. Very good course.

Amazing course! Great content, particularly on asset allocation, future value functions for our planning (love spreadsheets)…Great value, highly recommend course, particularly for residents, young attendings! Thanks so much!

Great course. I think I learned a lot. It is pretty clear and concise. Particularly asset allocation, asset protection, insurance, investment plan, pretty much everything.

Where You Can Get The Discount Deal

Our affiliate partners have also written reviews of the course and will be providing the coupon code and their links within the next 24 hours. For your convenience, I have listed links below to a bunch of them. The deal will be the same from all of them (and better than what you can get from the links on this site for the next 5 days), so feel free to reward the review (or blogger) you like the best (and check out the other blogs while you're at it, they're all excellent):

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Remember, like Cinderella's magic, this all expires at Midnight on Sunday and reverts back to regular price. For five days only, The Fire Your Financial Advisor Course AND a signed copy of The White Coat Investor book for just $425!