Clark Asset Management

You probably work in a helping profession.

We don’t. But we’re do something about it.

  • We care deeply about evidence & specialization (retirement income).
  • We remove the price gouging & conflicts of the “% of Assets” model by charging a single fixed flat fee for everyone.

Unlike most advisors, we’ll explicitly align your assets to your goals.

  • We’ll quantify & optimize your Earmarks for specialized goals (Educating Grandkids, Charitable Giving for Life, Liquidity, etc.).
  • We’ll build you a custom Income Floor consisting of one or more of Social Security claiming optimization, pension optimization, bond or MYGA ladders, or even private pensions.
  • Your Growth Portfolio will be simple, very low cost & highly tax efficient. You can keep some legacy securities if wanted, and we’ll give them “proxies” in your asset allocation.

We practice creative and aggressive tax planning across every facet of your plan, including multi-year Roth Conversion campaigns (sometimes synchronized with Donor Advised Fund contributions), Asset Location, 529 Superfunding, Deduction & Bracket Management, Loss Harvesting & Gains Scrubbing.

Accumulating assets is simple. Positioning assets for retirement income & mitigating retirement income risks is complex. Learn more by watching our brief videos and then scheduling your complimentary call.

Bradley Clark (Founder & CEO) is one of only 3% of advisors who hold both the CFP® & RICP® designations. He holds his BA from Harvard University and his MBA from Stanford University, where he studied Portfolio Theory with Nobel Laureate, Bill Sharpe. Prior to founding Clark Asset Management, Bradley served as Publisher of The Motley Fool, co-founded, and was a partner in a financial & strategy consulting firm.


Fee Structure

We’ve got the simplest fee structure in existence for wealth management.

We charge EVERYONE $9,500 per year for our ongoing bundle of financial planning & investment management.

That’s it!