Aptus Financial 

Aptus Financial specializes in helping DIY investors by providing financial planning and ongoing support services for low, flat fees. It doesn’t sell any financial products and doesn’t manage assets for a percentage fee, so is able to give transparent, objective, and non-conflicted advice. It’s planners are educated, experienced and credentialed. Aptus has designed hundreds of financial plans for both residents and attendings and is well-versed in student loan repayment strategies, including evaluating refinancing alternatives, pursuing public student loan forgiveness and balancing debt paydown versus investing. For clients that would like to learn more about Aptus, they conduct free introductory calls.

Comprehensive Financial Plan – Includes two meetings, focusing on cash flow management and contingency planning and investments. Aptus provides detailed to-do lists, guidance and support. At the end of the process, the client receives a written report that serves as a blueprint to achieve financial independence.
Financial Review for Long-term DIYers – Second set of eyes on your cash flow management, contingency planning and investment strategy. This includes a 1-hour meeting as well as planning work before and after the meeting.

AptusCare – Ongoing planning support service includes ongoing dialogue and periodic check-ups to make sure you remain on track to achieve your financial goals.



Fee Structure:

Comprehensive Financial Plan – $3,000 plus a minimum of 12 months of AptusCare ongoing planning support
Financial Review for Long-term DIYers – $1,000 plus a minimum of 4 months of AptusCare ongoing planning support
AptusCare – $125 per month
Introductory Call ~15 minutes, free