Job Title: White Coat Investor Columnist


Job Description:

Submit two original columns per month of:

  • 800-4000 words, 
  • engaging, 
  • accurate,
  • in-depth, 
  • occasionally personalized,
  • financial content,
  • aimed at doctors and other high income professionals. 

One column will be written on a subject of your choice, the other will be on an assigned subject that will include an SEO outline and suggestions. Additionally, you will be expected to interact with and answer questions and comments from readers about your published columns for one week after publication.


Ideal Applicant:

Ideal applicants will be practicing, financially-literate, high-income professionals who love to learn and write about financial subjects of interest to their peers. We are looking for a diversity of opinions and backgrounds on the blog. Thus, an example of an unsuccessful applicant would be a:

Self-employed, white, male, heterosexual, mid-career, financially independent, US- trained, Utah emergency physician who loves to go climbing, canyoneering, and rafting.

We already have one of those guys:)

Reasonable alignment with The White Coat Investor message is expected, so if your idea of a great portfolio is 50% whole life insurance and 50% Ethereum, don’t bother applying.  Applicants should be regular WCI readers and understand general WCI thinking and philosophy.


Potential For Growth:

Contractors with exceptional performance have the potential for a future permanent, part-time or even full-time salaried position with full benefits producing written, audio, and video content for The White Coat Investor. There is also potential to represent The White Coat Investor across the country, on the WCI Podcast, on social media, and at WCI conferences.



Applicant will function as an independent contractor on a renewing 30 day contract. Compensation will be commensurate with experience and quality of submitted columns, but will be no less than $500 per column. 


How to Apply:

Submit an application at: