Trion Properties

Trion Properties is a multifamily real estate investment sponsor. Since its inception in 2005, Trion Properties has generated an average internal rate of return (IRR) in excess of 25%.

Our rigorous investment approach helps us meet our long-term objective of delivering outsized returns without taking outsized risks.We acquire underutilized assets in primarily improving areas in high-growth southeast and western states and transform them into modern, attractive, and affordable places to live. Through extensive renovations and hands-on management, our team optimizes net operating income (NOI) and adds economic value to each investment.

Every investment carries some form of risk by nature. But rather than bearing the accountability of maintenance, co-investing in our multifamily fund provides you passive income without the onus of responsibility. By investing in a multifamily fund with several properties further mitigates potential risk through diversification.

Currently on track to meet and/or exceed projected returns, this is Trion's most geographically diverse fund so far containing properties from coast to coast. Trion Multifamily Fund III is targeting IRRs of 12-15%, a 6%-8% cash-on-cash yield, and a 1.5x-2.0x equity multiple.






We offer investment in direct properties and/or a multifamily fund of several properties.

Why You?

Several things. First, we only invest in multifamily properties. Second, we are very particular, acquiring an average of 1 property for every 100 we underwrite. Third, we are vertically integrated which means we provide value-add renovations customized to each property based on its age, condition, facilities, and surrounding neighborhood. This process provides results that are both fast and cost-effective. We then adjust rents accordingly, and manage the property and quickly begin to pay investor dividends. As these properties are eventually sold, the initial investment and accrued profits are paid to investors. Finally, our track record is hard to beat.

Ideal Investor

We are very hands on and offer a personal approach. We tend to attract investors who are high net worth professionals who appreciate the “boutique” approach. Unlike real estate crowdfunders, we look for quality not quantity when it comes to investors.

Investor Reviews

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Anything Else?

Many of our investors are physicians who found us through word of mouth. We answer our own phones, invest in our own deals, and make the time to meet and socialize with our investors.