I had an interview recently with Mike Woo-Ming MD, a family practitioner who runs the website IncomeMD.  Mike is an advocate for physician entrepreneurs and those who are looking for an exit from medicine (or just something less clinically oriented on the side) would do well to become familiar with his site.  I thought readers might be interested in the interview:

I recently had an opportunity to interview Dr. James Dahle, an emergency physician, and founder of the White Coat Investor, an investment strategy site, that within a few years has already become one of the most popular web destinations  for physicians.  Read on why he started the site, his thoughts on starting an internet venture and entrepreneurship, and his future plans for the site.

Tell me a bit about yourself, your practice, residency, how long, do you work full-time, etc.

I’m a full-time emergency physician practicing near Salt Lake City.  I graduated from medical school in 2003 and attended residency at The University of Arizona.  I spent four years in the military and have been in a community practice since then.

Why did you create the White Coat Investor?

I realized as a resident that the vast majority of people working in the financial services industries- financial planners, asset managers, insurance agents, realtors, lenders etc.- are not bound by the same type of oaths as physicians nor have they had similar extensive training as a typical board-certified physician.  Many are more than happy to take advantage of their superior knowledge in their area to transfer money from physicians’ pockets to their own.  Read more here.