This is the first in a series about making money online as a doctor.  I've always been interested in relatively passive income, and after reading about taking simple surveys online for cash, I thought I'd look into it a bit.  There are tons of different survey companies out there, some of which are better than others.  One which I'm pretty sure ISN'T better than any others is called SurveySavvy.  Why do they suck?  I'll show you.

Too Much Information

People worry about Google and Facebook knowing too much about their personal information.  That's nothing compared to the hundreds of questions that SurveySavvy will ask about you in order to “personalize the surveys they send to you.”  After a while I just got uncomfortable with the invasiveness of the questions and figured they had enough to personalize the surveys adequately.


I signed up for SurveySavvy about 6 weeks before I wrote this post.  Since that time I've been invited to take 29 surveys.  I was screened out of 27 of them.  That means I wasted at least a couple of minutes on each of those surveys.  You'd think with all the personal information I provided up front, they wouldn't send me any surveys that I wasn't already pre-selected for.  But no, that's not the business model.  The business model seems to be send the survey to everyone, screen most people out after they start the survey, and then don't pay them.

Ridiculously Low Pay-Outs

Guess how much I've accumulated in my account after starting 29 surveys?  $2.  That's right, a dollar a piece for the completed surveys.  In fact, most of their surveys (which they estimate will take 10-15 minutes) are for $1.  I'm pretty cheap, but I'm not that cheap.  Even their really good surveys are only $5 or so.  Sorry, my time is worth more than that.

In conclusion, if you're interested in doing online surveys for cash, you need to look for something that is physician-specific.  SurveySavvy is a joke. I've signed up for a couple of others, but surveys are pretty rare from them. Have you tried any of these? Any of them you can actually recommend? Leave a comment below.