7 months ago, shortly after starting the blog, I did a post that listed 175 different financial errors doctors have made.  The list came from a thread on Sermo, a physician-only forum.  I suspect most of you have seen it at one time or another as it is the most popular thread on this site.  I've had a number of people request that I categorize the mistakes a bit and make the post easier to read.  I finally got around to doing so, so feel free to check it out and forward it to colleagues.

I actually split it into 4 different posts by categories, but they're all linked together for easy reading.

Part 1  Getting ripped off, Insurance, Personal Finance

Part 2  Investing in the Financial Markets, Cynicism, and Lifestyle Choices

Part 3  Practice management, Contracting, Real Estate

Part 4  Loans, Bad Investments, and Miscellaneous

I consider these the closest thing we'll ever have to a Financial M&M (Morbidity and Mortality) Conference.  Learn from the mistakes of others do you don't have to make them all yourself.