I've started doing a series of Webinar-style presentations at QuantiaMD.  This is the first in the eight part series. I plan on posting a link to each of them as they are published every two to four weeks.  Each of them will run just five to ten minutes. I think this one is closer to ten.

QuantiaMD is a physician-only online educational resource filled with lots of presentations, mostly on clinical medicine. In order to view other presentations, you'll need to sign up, which requires proving you're a doctor.

However, I believe they're going to set up my series so my regular readers of any professional persuasion will be able to view them. No transcript is available, but they do put together a rather nice audiovisual presentation.

David Denniston Ad 1There is also a week-long period (April 3-April 9) where I'll be taking and answering questions about the presentation.

Click here to see the presentation!

Let me know in the comments section what you think about this format that is new to me and this website.

You can also post your questions on QuantiaMD this week.