The second part of my eight part webinar series on QuantiaMD is now up. It's entitled Student Loan Management and deals with minimizing your loan burden in medical school, using IBR/PAYE and the forgiveness programs through PAYE and PSLF, and student loan refinancing. It runs just 7:39 and is a combination of Powerpoint and audio.

QuantiaMD is for doctors, mid-levels and other health care workers. It is an online educational resource filled with lots of presentations, mostly on clinical medicine. In order to view other presentations, you’ll need to sign up, which requires proving you’re a doctor.

David Denniston Ad 1However, they've set up this series so my regular readers of any professional persuasion will be able to view them. No transcript is available, but they do put together a rather nice audiovisual presentation.

This week I’ll be taking and answering questions about the presentation on QuantiaMD, but you can post them here any time.

Click this link to see the presentation!

What do you think of this format? How about the content? Did I miss anything important? What was your approach to your student loans? Comment below!