Frank Advising Whitecoat Ad 2The concept of a safe withdrawal rate is important for anyone planning for retirement with or without a financial planner. It helps you to make estimates of how much you might need for retirement and gives a reasonable guideline for how much you can spend each year while expecting your money to last. I did a recent audiovisual presentation on QuantiaMD explaining this concept. This is # 5 in my series of eight presentations there explaining some of the basics of personal finance and investing. If you have missed the other presentations, you can find links to them below. Although QuantiaMD is designed for doctors and other health care workers, you should be able to watch all of these presentations without signing up for the site. If you are a health care worker, I suggest you sign up anyway because there is lots of other good stuff there.

My most recent presentation on QuantiaMD was # 5 in the series. This is really a fun format if you haven't seen any of the others. They are 8-15 minutes long, contains slides, polls (usually with much different results than the ones I do of regular site readers), and audio. If you haven't seen the first four, you can find them here:

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Number five in the series is all about The Safe Withdrawal Rate. Future presentations include How Much Do You Really Need to Retire, The Basics of Estate Planning, and The Basics of Asset Protection. Click the link below to view the presentation.

# 5 The Safe Withdrawal Rate on QuantiaMD

At any rate, check this presentation out and then come back and let me know what you think in the comments section. Do you find the concept of a safe withdrawal rate useful? How? Do you know anyone who actually blindly follows an SWR in retirement? How do you plan to withdraw your retirement money? Comment below!