Physicians Capital Management

Founded by a Physician for Physicians

Physicians Capital Management is an investment advisory firm founded by a physician for physicians.  Many physicians blindly allow their capital to be managed by a financial advisor. Some advisors choose products that enrich the advisor, and not the client.  The approach of this organization is to study your investments using an evidence based method; much in the same way as you would endeavor treating a complicated disease.  There is a robust literature on an investment approach that works for the long term, which is well suited for a busy physician.  An extreme low cost index fund approach is used.

About the Founder

Dr. Gertner has been a practicing nephrologist for over 16 years in Fredericksburg, VA. Originally trained in mathematics at Cornell University, he has developed an interest in personal finance for over 25 years.  Although quietly managing a personal portfolio for decades, he quietly watched as many of his colleagues were told half-truths by their financial advisors.  This prompted the taking and passing of the series 65 exam.  Subsequently, Physicians Capital Management was formed to guide his colleagues with their personal finances, practice 401k plans, and practice profit sharing plans.

Fee Structure:

$400 per hour, or a fixed flat fee—whichever is cheaper