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The information below this point is somewhat stale but will be updated prior to our next conference.


Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference (WCICON22) February 9-12, 2022

JW Marriott Phoenix, AZ



We are super excited to announce the opening of registration for the 2022 Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference (WCICON22). Registration opens on Sept. 14th at 7pm MDT. We don't know how quickly (or even whether) it will sell out, but I can tell you the last one of similar size two years ago was one-third sold out after 7 minutes and completely sold out after 23 hours.

The conference will be held at the luxurious JW Marriott Desert Ridge in sunny northeast Phoenix, Arizona on Feb. 9-12, 2022.



Once you register for the conference, you will be sent a link for our group hotel registration at the JW Marriott. We recommend you book your room immediately if you would like to stay on the property. In the reserved block from Wednesday through Saturday night, the room rate is $335 plus a $25/night resort fee, but there are only a limited number of rooms available. For those who want to stay off-property or for overflow when the JW Marriott sells out, we have secured group rates at nearby hotels, and we will include that information in the hotel email post-registration.

Our content committee has put an awesome lineup of speakers together and our conference director, Chrislyn, is really injecting wellness into the conference more than any prior conference with numerous after-hours activities. Let's start with the speaker line-up.


Speaker Line-up

We have three exceptional keynote speakers lined up for the conference, along with the two General Sessions where I'll be presenting.


William Bernstein, MDWilliam Bernstein, MD

Bill is well known to The White Coat Investor audience. He was last with us in 2018 in Park City, and he has agreed to return at a warmer venue! Bill is a neurologist turned investment guru and the author of multiple investing books, including the widely influential Four Pillars of Investing and If You Can. His knowledge of financial history is second to none and his ability to see through the viles of Wall Street makes him a fantastic addition to our lineup.


Michelle SingletaryMichelle Singletary

Michelle is a nationally syndicated personal finance columnist, famous for her “The Color of Money” column. She is the author of three books, including The 21 Day Financial Fast and Spend Well, Live Rich. She has been a contributor to NPR, CNN, Oprah, The View, and more. She also founded a financial program at her church, and she volunteers teaching financial literacy in Maryland prisons.


James LangeJames Lange, CPA, JD

Jim is an accountant, attorney, founder of a financial advisory firm, and author of multiple investing books, including Retire Secure, The Roth Revolution, and Beating the New Death Tax. He is the founder of The Roth IRA Institute and a widespread advocate of tax-protected investing strategies, including Roth conversions. He has also designed a well-thought-out estate planning strategy called the Cascading Beneficiaries Plan.

Other speakers include:

  • James M. Dahle, MD — Founder of The White Coat Investor
  • Leif Dahleen, MD — Founder of The Physician on FIRE
  • Peter Kim, MD — Founder of Passive Income MD
  • Anna McKeone, MD — Practicing Physician
  • Brent Lacey, MD — Founder of The Scope of Practice
  • Latifat Akintade, MD — Founder of Money Fit MD
  • Lawrence B. Keller, CFP, CHFC, CLP — Insurance Expert
  • Sarah Catherine Gutierrez, CFP — Financial Planner
  • Stephen D. Pamatmat, MD — Practicing Physician
  • Sandeep Basran, JD — Attorney
  • Cory Fawcett, MD — Founder of Financial Success MD
  • Brian Foley, MD, MBA — Founder of Wealthy Doc
  • David Graham, MD — Physician and Financial Advisor
  • Dewan Farhana, DO — Founder of Doctor Finances
  • Jay Adkisson, Esq. — Asset Protection Attorney
  • Nisha Mehta, MD — Founder of Physician Side Gigs
  • Parameshwari Baladandapani, MD — Founder of Generational Wealth MD
  • Barbara Hamilton, MD — Founder of Tired Superheroine
  • Dawn Baker, MD — Founder of Practice Balance
  • Dimitrios Tsatiris, MD — Practicing Physician
  • Edward M. Smink, PhD, BCC, RN — Life Coach and Retired Nurse
  • Jenny Christner, MD — Dean of Baylor School of Medicine
  • Jeremy Toffle, MD — Founder of Imperfect Dad MD Podcast
  • Joshua Liberman, MD — Practicing Physician
  • Khalid Sheikh, MD, MBA — Practicing Physician
  • Stephanie Benjamin, MD — Practicing Physician and Author
  • Tracy Asamoah, MD — Practicing Physician
  • Paul Merriman — Financial Advisor, Author, and Podcaster
  • Katie Dahle — Co-Owner of The White Coat Investor
  • Kate Louise Mangona, MD — Founder of Medicine, Marriage, and Money
  • Sanghamitra Sadhu, MD — Founder of Physician Finance Basics
  • Lara McElderry — Founder of Married to Doctors
  • Altelisha Taylor, MD, MPH  — Resident Physician
  • Andrew Paulson, MAcc — Co-Founder of Student Loan Advice
  • Brennan Boyd, MD — Resident Physician
  • Chad Chubb, CFP, CSLP — Financial Planner
  • Clint Gossage, CFA — Financial Planner
  • Don Wenner — Real Estate Investor
  • Elizabeth Aguirre, MD — Practicing Physician
  • Fahd Ahmad, MD — Practicing Physician and Blogger
  • Faryal Michaud, DO — Founder of Write Your Last Chapter Podcast
  • Letizia Alto, MD — Co-Founder of Semi-Retired MD
  • Mohammed Alo, DO — Practicing Physician and Writer
  • Sabitha Setty, MD — Founder of The Unorthodox Doc
  • Weili Gray, MD — Founder of Dare to Dream Physician


See All Speaker Profiles Here!


There will be three different tracks at the conference including:



Talks include:

  • Physician leaders, not the government, will fix the U.S. healthcare system
  • The growing epidemic of infertility among physicians
  • Will success make you happy? The answer may surprise you
  • Making time for your family is your most important investment
  • Three cultural taboos that caregivers experience that prevent self-care
  • Embracing imperfection as a parent and physician
  • and more!


Basic Financial

Talks include:

  • The bumpy road to FI—finance for spenders
  • Behavioral Finance 101: How 80% of your wealth-building strategy has nothing to do with math
  • How to be a cash flow boss
  • What every physician should know about disability and life insurance
  • Exploring the tax-efficient waterfall
  • Index fund investing
  • Estate planning
  • and more!


Advanced Financial

Talks include:

  • How to evaluate private real estate investments
  • Implementing systems for direct real estate investing
  • Mini-MBA for physicians
  • De-risking your portfolio: Your personal glidepath prior to retirement
  • Asset protection for physicians: The reality
  • Retirement spending: Strategies to live well off the money you've saved
  • What every physician should know about taxes
  • Growing into your role as breadwinner
  • and more!


Spouse/Domestic Partner Track

This Friday afternoon event is designed to be attended by the attendee and their partner together. Talks include:

  • Working together to achieve your financial goals—Jim and Katie Dahle
  • Money and kids—Sanghamitra Sadhu, MD
  • Married to doctors—Lara McElderry
  • How to host the perfect financial date night—Kate Louise Mangona, MD



Wellness Activities

Who wants to sit in class all day at a wellness conference in Phoenix in February? None of us! So we're going to knock off by 4pm each day and enjoy the resort amenities. Afternoon and evening events include golf, a pickleball tournament, spa, hiking, bike rentals, sponsored dinners, and receptions. We're going to provide a catered lunch each day on the beautiful back lawn.


Swag Bags

As usual, we'll have the best swag bag you've ever had at a conference, including books from keynote speakers! For virtual conference attendees, these bags will be mailed to you. You must sign up before Dec. 1 to get a swag bag. (Sorry, it takes time to print and ship books.) You can still sign up for the conference until Jan. 3 (In-person) or until the conference concludes (Virtual), but you will not get a swag bag unless you sign up before December.


Free Online Course

After the conference, the content from the conference will be packaged into a high-quality online course. Live and standard virtual attendees will get this absolutely free. This frees up your time at the conference to network, have fun, decrease your burnout, and learn at your own pace. You can always listen to the talks you miss during your commute or workout once you get home.



Premium In-Person $2599 $2299 Until Oct. 19

New for this year and due to numerous requests, we will have a Premium In-person package. There will only be 100 of these available. This includes:

  • The entire conference, both in-person events and virtual
  • Opening reception
  • Swag bag
  • Eligibility for all wellness activities
  • CFE22 Online Course lifetime access
  • Up to 17 hours of CME/Dental CE Credit
  • Book signings
  • Reserved classroom-style seating up front in every class*
  • Fast lane for lunch, snacks, and drinks*
  • Premium reception with conference faculty on Feb. 10th*
  • WCI Yeti Mug*

*Premium package only


Standard In-Person $1,999 $1,699 Until Oct. 19

This is our standard offering and the one we expect most people will purchase. It includes:

  • The entire conference, both live events and virtual
  • Opening reception
  • Swag bag
  • Eligibility for all wellness activities
  • CFE22 Online Course lifetime access
  • Lunch, snacks, and drinks each day
  • Up to 17 hours of CME/Dental CE Credit
  • Book signings


Spouse Package $749

This is the package available only to spouses and domestic partners of Premium In-Person and Standard In-Person package purchasers. It includes:

  • Special Friday afternoon Spouse Track
  • Opening reception
  • Eligibility for all wellness activities
  • Lunch, snacks, and drinks each day (Fast lane if attendee purchases Premium In-Person)
  • Book signings


Standard Virtual Package $899

This package is for those who will be staying home for whatever reason. It includes:

  • Virtual conference access
  • Swag bag (we'll mail it if you sign up by Dec. 1)
  • CFE22 Online Course Lifetime access
  • Up to 17 hours of CME/Dental CE Credit


Virtual Live Only Package $499

This is a new package we are trying out this year due to popular demand. If you are looking for a student, resident, PA, military, or any other kind of discount, this is it. Here's what you get:

  • Virtual conference access through Feb. 14, 2022

That's it. To keep the cost down, you won't have ongoing access/online course, CME credit, or a swag bag. But you can watch as much of it as you can as the conference is happening.

In-person registration closes on Jan. 3. After that point, only virtual registration will be permitted.


Early Bird Pricing

Early bird pricing will be available until Oct. 19 on the in-person packages only. We cannot guarantee (and, in fact, seriously doubt) that there will still be seats available for any of the live versions after Oct. 19. Early bird pricing is as follows:

  • Premium in-person: $2,299
  • Standard in-person: $1,699
  • Spouse package: $749


Refund Policy

The fact that it is a hybrid conference does change the refund policy, so read carefully. We offer a 10-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back refund policy from the time you purchase any package. If you purchase within 10 days of the conference starting, you must cancel before Feb. 8 at midnight MT to qualify for that refund. Email [email protected] if you need to cancel.

After 10 days from the time of purchase, there is no refund whatsoever for the virtual packages. After 10 days have elapsed and until 14 days prior to the beginning of the conference (Jan. 25 at midnight MST), you may downgrade your in-person package to the standard virtual package and receive a refund of the price difference. After Jan. 25, there are no refunds for the live option.


COVID Policy

All live attendees and speakers are required to be fully vaccinated (a minimum of two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, two doses of the Moderna vaccine, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine). There will be no religious or medical exemptions from this requirement. Having had COVID in the past does not exempt you from this requirement. At registration, you will need to certify that you are fully vaccinated or that you will be prior to attendance. If a booster shot becomes available to you between registration and the conference, we highly encourage you to get it to help keep yourself and others safe.

If you do not wish to get a vaccine or cannot obtain one, we are very sorry, but you cannot attend the live conference. Luckily, this year we have a hybrid conference so you can still participate virtually.

We will be following local (Maricopa County) public health mandates at the live conference. If a mask mandate is put into place, you will be required to wear a mask at the conference in accordance with that mandate. If you personally test positive for COVID within 10 days of the conference, you will not be allowed to attend and will be forced to downgrade to the standard virtual package with an accompanying partial refund. This will be the only exception to the 14-day notice requirement for the refund policy. An exposure to COVID by itself will NOT exempt you from the standard refund policy. If you have a concerning exposure, get tested.

If local public health authorities prevent us from holding an in-person conference, we will switch to an all-virtual format and refund the difference in price between the in-person package you purchased and the standard virtual package.


A Hybrid Event

Buoyed by our successful virtual conference in 2021, we decided to make this conference a hybrid event. We would love to host you in sunny Phoenix and meet you face to face. But if for whatever reason, you would prefer to enjoy this conference from the comfort of your own home, we will also have an excellent virtual option. If you don't sign up soon, that might be your only option. But it will still be awesome!

One of the best parts about a virtual conference is that we can stuff even more talks into it than will fit into the conference center rooms. So there will be some talks that are only available on the virtual platform. Don't worry: If you attend live, you will also have access to those talks to watch at your leisure—either at the conference, after your return home, or indefinitely.


CME/Dental CE Statements

At least 17 credits of AMA Category 1 CME and Dental CE will be available to conference attendees.


See More CME Information Here!


Join Us!

We're looking forward to getting the WCI Community back together in person this winter. Come join us in sunny Phoenix to cure your pandemic-induced burnout, finally get “this finance stuff” figured out, tweak your financial plan, meet online friends, and hobnob with your fellow doctor money nerds.