Physician Wealth Services

When my wife was in residency, I witnessed how vulnerable she was to poor financial advice. I was shocked at how many advisors tried to take advantage of her and her peers. It’s the reason I started my fee-only practice, Physician Wealth Services, to work exclusively with physicians who could truly benefit from unbiased, quality financial advice.  I help physicians create a life they love using the resources they have. To help them feel in control of their money, the same way that you make a patient feel better about their health. Also, I host the Financial Residency podcast, a free resource to help increase your financial literacy. Come join the community! Here is the podcast interview I did with WCI in September 2018.

Fee Structure:

$450/mo. for $500,000 and less in assets
$650/mo. for over $500,000 in assets, up to $1,000,000
$850/month for $1,000,000- $2,000,000
$1,050.00/month for $2,000,001 – $3,000,000
$1,250.00/month for Over $3,000,001 in assets

Exclusively for Residents/Fellows: For $299, pick one of the following to discuss: student loan review, insurance review, employer benefits review, how much home you can afford analysis, investment allocation or creation of a spending plan.