Loan Officer: Josh Mettle
States: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, PA, TX, UT, WA


100% financing options available with fixed or adjustable terms for clients with 700 credit score or better and solutions with minimal down payments for medical professionals with credit scores down to 640. Can now help 1099 independent contractors with no previous experience as self-employed, 100% loan to value to $1M and 95% loan to value up to $2M loan amount.


Multiple physician and medical professional loans, solutions available for anyone with a professional medical designation.


The biggest challenge in the mortgage industry right now is speed to close, with housing inventory at an all-time low, we’ve focused on helping our clients close their loans in as little as 17 days (depending on the program and down payment amount).

Josh Mettle (NMLS #219996) can be reached at 855-260-9932 or [email protected]