Wellings Capital

Wellings Capital seeks to help accredited investors passively protect and grow their wealth through investing in self-storage facilities, mobile home parks, RV parks, and other private real estate asset classes. Over 625 accredited investors have invested in previous Wellings Capital funds and Wellings aims to provide value to investors in four primary ways:

  1. Instant diversification across private real estate asset classes, operators/sponsors, geographies, properties, and strategies.
  2. Professional due diligence on operators and properties
  3. Access to deals and operators
  4. Better terms

Their sixth fund, the Wellings Real Estate Income Fund, is accepting new investors with a $50,000 minimum investment. The Fund only accepts new capital when properties are identified, so all capital is called up front. Dr. Dahle has personally invested in this Fund.


Mobile Homes




Our current offering is the Wellings Real Estate Income Fund, a diversified equity Fund that will be raising intermittently over the next 18-24 months. This is a 10-year Fund that targets annual cash flow of 5-8% (sent in monthly distributions) and a net equity multiple of 2.2-2.5x. This Fund is investing in self-storage, mobile home parks, RV parks, and potentially other commercial real estate asset classes. The minimum investment is $50,000.

Why You?

Diversification, Favorable Terms, and Access: There are few, if any, opportunities available to invest as little as $50,000 and get instant access to six distinct commercial real estate asset classes, with several different operators, and multiple properties dispersed across the country. Because of Wellings Capital's relationships with our operating partners and our position as a large investor, we are often are able to invest with more favorable terms than other investors. Lastly, some operators in the Wellings Capital funds have large minimums ($5 million is one operator's minimum, as an example). And at least one operator in the Wellings Capital funds does not raise money publicly (only from friends and close associates).

Due Diligence: With our extensive 27-point operator due diligence checklist, we thoroughly vet our operating partners to ensure we are investing alongside the absolute best in the country. We have vetted 100+ operators and have only said “yes” to a select few.

Global Impact: Part of every dollar that Wellings Capital makes goes to the fight against human trafficking. We are deeply passionate about this cause and dedicated to reaching our goal of rescuing and restoring 5,000 victims of human trafficking by the end of 2026.

Ideal Investor

Wellings Capital is looking to partner with investors who have a long-term approach to wealth building. We hope to establish lasting relationships with our investors, many of whom make multiple investments over the years. Our current reinvestment rate across our 600+ investors is over 40%. We don’t advertise speculative returns that require unnecessary risk to achieve. Rather, we specialize in “boring” investments that have historically protected invested capital and produced outsized returns for patient investors over time. Our Fund is available only to accredited investors.

Investor Reviews

“As I got to know Paul and Ben, they are high-trust individuals that are competent and know what they’re doing. I told them that at the time that I break my investments into two classifications, those that are sponsored-friendly, and those that are investor-friendly. And by the sponsor-friendly model, I mean those that you may have seen those models that come across your desk, that are just very heavy in fees, and very heavy in the equity split towards the sponsor. Conversely, the investor-friendly model is geared the other way, it’s geared toward the investor, and I think the 80/20 model that Wellings fund has implemented is very investor-friendly. It’s very much geared towards the investor with a nine percent preferred distribution… I love the fact that they’re diversified across multiple states and multiple operators. They seek best-in-class operators that I don’t have to worry about because they’ve already identified them and are just partnering with them, and they have many of them versus one or two single ones. So, for these reasons, I’m pretty sold on the Wellings fund at this point in time, happy to talk to you further.”

– Randy L., Current Wellings investor from Texas

Wellings also invites investors to ask them additional investor video testimonials.

Anything Else?

At Wellings Capital, our goal is to rescue and restore 5,000 victims of human trafficking by the end of 2026.

By donating our own money and by partnering with investors, operators, and strategic partners, we will stand up for the vulnerable and accomplish this mission.

In 2022, Wellings Capital is dedicating 5% of its profits to AIM and the effort of fighting human trafficking. You can learn more about our social mission on our website's “About” page.