United Financial Services

United Financial Services is located in California and was founded in 2007.

Loan Officers

Todd Zancaner (NMLS #289072)
EMAIL:  [email protected]
PHONE:  916-214-0326


10% down to 1.5MM and 15% down to 2MM. No PMI, 10, 7, and 5 yr ARMS


MD, DO, DDS, DMD, Resident, Fellows, PA, NP, DVM, RN, CRNA, CPA, DNAP, DC, OD, DPM, APRN, CNM, Pharmacist, Attorney, Pilot, PhD, Any Profession, CFNA, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Professional Athletes, High Tech Executives, Psychologist


Low downpayment with NO PMI, 10% down to 1.5MM 15% to 2MM. Closing in 15 days. Have options to offset lender fees.