The Peak Group

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, The Peak Group is a real estate investment firm focused on the acquisition, development and management of Single-Family Rental (SFR) homes. We believe SFRs are the best real estate investment for income and wealth generation if held long-term. Over the last 20 years, we have built a vertically integrated company that has transacted on more than $550M of value in SFR. Our staff of 120 professionals collaborate across 8 departments (title, acquisitions, property management, construction, maintenance, accounting, REIT finance, asset management) to provide us with the ability to move quickly, competitively and effectively in an ever changing, active real estate sector. Our evergreen fund, The Peak Housing REIT is our flagship investment option. Investors receive distributions and updated share valuations each quarter. This blended investment return profile is projected to deliver a 15% annual IRR to LP investors over a 5 year+ hold.


Single Family




The Peak Housing REIT:

The Peak Housing REIT is a privately held, evergreen, investment vehicle that owns 1,850 scattered-site single-family rental homes in Texas, Indianapolis, Georgia and Missouri. To date, the general partners in the REIT have invested over $6M in equity, alongside the current $45M raised from 480 HNW accredited investors. We are a vertically integrated housing company (REIT, Property Management, Title, Construction, Maintenance, Realty) experiencing exponential growth and backed by some of the biggest names in the business.

Build for Rent (BFR):

Using the expertise and capabilities of our in-house construction team, Peak Construction Group, we are able to efficiently participate in the creation of Build for Rent (BFR) communities in Dallas Fort Worth (DFW). Our development pipeline of over 600 homes, with staggered completion from Q4 2022 to Q3 2024, provides investors with opportunistic returns over shorter term investment horizons, typically 18 – 30 mos. These homes further enhance our portfolio metrics platform wide by increasing the average size, vintage and monthly lease rates as compared to our existing scattered site SFR properties.

Real Estate Webinar

Check out this recent webinar with The Peak Group from our Real Estate Investment Opportunities Series to get to know Peak and learn more about what they have to offer investors. Joe Ollis joins Dr. Dahle to discuss Build To Rent Communities, Single Family Rentals, PEAK Housing REIT, Supply & Demand Imbalance, Mortgage Interest Rates, 721 Exchanges – UpREITs, and more. See if The Peak Group may be the right investment partner for you.

Why You?

We provide the ability to own single family rentals without having to be a landlord. Plus, our portfolio is diversified across 7 markets in 4 states. Investors receive participation in our BFR development projects as well which enhances our return profile. Investors are encouraged to invest with us for 5+ years, but can liquidate their positions after two years if needed.

Ideal Investor

Accredited Investors that are seeking both passive income and capital appreciation. Our $25k minimum investment is unique and allows investors to get to know us, build trust and invest again when additional capital is available.

Investor Reviews

“I also invest with larger, public REITs, and I must say that so far, PEAK has the best communication, the transaction was easy to complete, the documentation process has been efficient and overall it's been an enjoyable and easy process to invest.”

Anything Else?

Once you've registered in our investor portal, you'll be kept abreast of the REIT's progress & will be notified of new investment opportunities, such as our BFR single asset syndications.