South State Bank

My love of housing and serving my clients is my driving force! I have moved across this beautiful land of ours multiple times and the worst experience has been when the lender over-promised the close dates. Once I was delayed and had to stay in a hotel for 30 days until they fixed it. Unacceptable!

I have been driven in this industry over the past 19 years, to provide my clients with an experience that gets them into their new home on time this time and every time. Providing that comfort for all of my Doctors & Dentists is number one for me. South State Bank has allowed me to provide an excellent product for our medical professionals as well as the internal support staff to get the job done right the first time… to this we are committed! Our products accommodate citizens, green card holders or visa holders. We provide financing for primary and second homes with no PMI and we allow the client to close up to 120 days before they start their new position, with a signed employment agreement.

Loan Officers

Nathan Willis (NMLS #23036)
EMAIL:  [email protected]
PHONE:  260-418-3742


0% down loan for primary homes with no PMI up to $1.25mm—(this is a new 100% loan limit)—- But, above that amount the breakdown is from $1.25mm to $1.5mm – 5% down and Above $1.5mm requires – 10% down…. (this includes newly constructed homes when they are finished)-

We offer all loan types but the doctor loan specifically allows you to buy a home like you’re mentioning at 0% down with no PMI and that allows you to future date your income even 120 days before you start work.




We are committed to getting our clients in their homes by contract date every time! We make guideline exceptions for strong buyers and we accept Doctors with work Visa’s. We are particularly strong with self employed Doctors and Dentists and have lenient income guidelines for them.