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Michael L. Relvas CFP®,  founded MR Insurance Consultants in the early 2000s with the mission of providing physicians access to an objective, transparent and detail-oriented outlet for learning about private disability insurance. From the start, our focus has always been to prioritize our client's best interest and to provide the necessary support to empower physicians to make their own informed and personal decisions when purchasing term life and disability insurance. With such a similar interest in providing fair & objective finance related information to physicians, it's no wonder that Michael was the first disability insurance agent to sponsor the White Coat Investor.

9200 Corporate Blvd., Suite 390,
Rockville, MD 20850

(800) 817-4522

Why You?

We believe in putting our client's best interest first, always.

We provide personalized quotes from the leading own-occupation disability insurance carriers, without any particular bias to one of them. The proposals we provide are company approved and not just agent-created comparisons, so you can be confident the information provided in them is accurate.

We pay attention to detail and strive to provide quality service and advice. We stay up-to-date on new policies, the extensive amount of discounts available to physicians nationwide (including unisex discounts where still available), and have access to special underwriting programs at select hospitals around the country (such as Guaranteed Standard Issue plans).

Physicians can reach out to us with confidence and expect a professional experience, a complete and transparent review of the options available (even when we aren't personally able to sell a policy), and a friendly no-pressure process of reviewing options and applying for coverage.

You can consider our communication as a conversation with a colleague who happens to know a lot about term life and disability insurance.

Ideal Client

Any physician who is looking for an informative and efficient experience, appreciates attention to detail, desires the opportunity to thoroughly understand their options before making a decision, and wants to work with a highly experienced and ethical agent.


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