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Jax Wealth Investments, a subsidiary company of Southern Impression Homes (SI Homes), capitalizes its projects through a combination of senior debt financing from traditional credit facilities and through its SI Homes Income Funds. The primary objective of the SI Homes Income Fund is to lend capital to Southern Impression Homes to facilitate the purchase of individual lots and tracts of land that will then be developed into affordable housing for their Build To Rent Program. When these homes are completed, they will then be sold to investors interested in buying a BTR product. Investors in these Funds receive an 8% preferred return, paid monthly, and 10% of the profits when an asset is sold. All previous SI Homes Income Funds are operating in the 11-16% IRR range. They have never never failed to return investors capital and have never missed a pref payment. These income funds do have less tax advantages than direct ownership in real estate, however, some of our clients prefer this investment option because it is completely passive in nature or because they want to make an investment through a 401k or IRA that already provides tax efficiency to the investment. Oftentimes, they see clients invest in both direct real estate ownership and the SI Home Income Funds to provide a diversification of income streams.


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Check out this recent webinar with JAX Wealth Investments from our Real Estate Investment Opportunities Series to get to know JAX and learn more about what they have to offer investors. Jim Sheils and Chris Funk from JAX join Dr. Dahle and Brett Stevens to discuss Build To Rent Homes, Inflation, Turn Key Real Estate Investments, the Pros/Cons Of New Construction and Real Estate In Florida. Watch today to determine if JAX may be the right investment partner for you.

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