EquityMultiple offers a unique wealth-generation ecosystem, built on real assets. Build a stronger, more diversified portfolio. EquityMultiple has achieved net aggregate return (IRR) of 18.7% on behalf of investors (from inception through 6/20/22).






EquityMultiple offers three categories of investments, all predicated on private-market commercial real estate assets.

— “Grow” — investments focused on high upside potential. Generally common equity with a value-add or ground-up business strategy or opportunistic funds. Generally targeting net IRRs to investors of 18%+ — “Earn” — investments focused on attractive near-term income. Most often debt or preferred equity positions, offering investors some degree of downside protection. These investments typically target annual rates of return of 8-14%, and generally carry a target hold period of 9 months to 3 years. — “Keep” — short-term note investments, backed by real estate. These savings account alternatives generally target an APY of 3-6% over a term of 3-9 months.

EquityMultiple investments start at a per-investment minimum of just $5k.

Why You?

EquityMultiple focuses on providing compelling risk-adjusted returns over a variety of investment types, property types, and geos. We help investors build the most diversified real estate portfolios possible. We focus on providing the most comprehensive, vigilant asset management services and investor support, so that our investors can rest easy and enjoy a truly tailored investing experience.

Ideal Investor

Any self-directed accredited investor who is looking to take the next step in diversification. Due to our wide range of return profiles and investment types, EquityMultiple helps investors build real estate portfolios that supplement their asset allocation strategy and best position investors to succeed through market cycles.

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