American National Bank and Trust

We are a fully customizable mortgage lender that looks for ways to make loans work. We offer out of the box lending options in addition the normal loans all other banks offer. Before pulling the trigger on something, let us look at you situation and find a solution.

Loan Officers

Michael Bruegel (NMLS #496393)
EMAIL:  [email protected]
PHONE:  817-925-9393


Up to 100% financing for all physician loans on single family resident homes, non warrantable condos, 30 years fixed and ARM loan products. Loan programs are often customized for your current situation. We can offer lending options with less than 2 years of being self-employed or newly 1099 with a contract.


Any Profession


Our physician loans are not just black and white like a whole lot of other lenders. We discuss with you what your specific needs are and how we can help facilitate a loan for you. We don’t have a set of “guidelines” or a “grid” that specifically shows what a credit score needs to be or what the down-payment would be. We cater a loan for what you want and we work together to make that happen.