37th Parallel

37th Parallel is a private multifamily acquisitions and asset management firm based in Richmond, Va. Since 2008 we have completed over $ 1 billion in multifamily transactions with a 100% profitable track record for our clients. We provide a vertically integrated investment platform (fund and single asset investments) for high net worth, family office, and institutional investors seeking tax-advantaged income and equity growth. We specialize in Class A/B apartment communities in demographically strong markets in Texas, Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas. Learn more about 37th Parallel and the special investment discounts available only to White Coat investors.






37th Parallel Fund I closed to new investment in Q1 2022 and is now 80% deployed with an average Net Asset Value increase across the 8 funds assets of 42% (before any leverage benefit).

37th Parallel's Income and Equity Growth Fund II opens mid September 2022. It is a $40M to $80M vehicle with two share classes. Class A (Income) shares will receive a 9% annual preferred return with first access to cash flows and capped at 9% annual return. Class B (Total Return) shares will receive a 7% preferred return with second access to cash flows but with accelerated equity growth potential. Class B shares have a 14% to 17%+ annual average return target. Fund II will continue 37th Parallel's successful approach to acquiring, optimizing, and managing desirable assets in demographically strong locations across the South and Southeast.

Why You?

As risk managers and operators, we strive to be competent, demographically disciplined, and focused. Since Inception in 2008 we have completed close to $1 billion in multifamily transactions with a 100% profitable track record for our clients.

Some key facets about partnering with 37th Parallel include:

  • We can work with investment levels of $100,000 to $50M via cash or qualified accounts (SD-IRA, etc.).
  • The managing partners, principals, and staff are co-investors in all of our funds and individual investments. The bulk of our net worth is in the 37th Parallel multifamily portfolio.
  • We strive to be as tax-advantaged as possible and can work with you to help you understand how you can use passive activity losses from 37th Parallel investments (regular and bonus depreciation) to offset your real estate or other passive activity gains. Note, you'll still need to work with your tax-professional for your own specific situation.
  • In almost all cases, we will look to 1031 exchange the properties we sell. This creates a significantly larger capital base in the new investment project to generate additional cash flow. And, if the investor chooses not to stay in the new property (exit the investment) we help them redeem after the exchange.
  • Depending on the size, typically over $5M, we can partner with and help investors with 1031 exchange transactions.

Ideal Investor

The vast majority of our clients are conservative investors.

They understand the materially long-term positive risk-adjusted returns available in the multifamily asset class. As such, after their initial investment, they become programmatic investors deploying capital across multiple asset and funds to generate tax-advantaged current income and equity growth over the long term.

37th Parallel's goal is to build wealth by being long-term holder of cash-generating assets. Our investors partner with us to do the same.

Investor Reviews

References available on request. We hold an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. All of our SEC filings can be researched and are up to date.

Anything Else?

We have been successfully partnering with White Coat Investors for years now and appreciate everyone that wants to learn more about 37th Parallel and how we can help you grow your wealth.