Old Peak Finance

Old Peak Finance provides Real Financial Planning to each of its 100+ clients. Our advisors Molly Stanifer, CFP®, MS and Dan Routh, CFP® are each married to doctors, a nephrologist and small animal veterinarian and get to live many of the same recommendations we make for our clients. Your free time is limited, our goal is to help you simplify your financial life so you can spend that time doing things you love. Working in pairs, we believe the value is in the planning and have structured our fees to reflect that. We offer comprehensive financial planning, low-fee investment management, divorce planning, sustainable investing, and multi-generational planning. Molly and Dan are committed to the advancement of financial education in the medical community and spend their free time speaking at medical schools in the Raleigh-Durham area and serving on various financial services and medical industry boards, including NAPFA, regional estate planning council, and North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association – Industry Council. You can find Dan monthly on the Veterinarian Success Podcast and both Molly and Dan regularly in the media & on the blog here. Schedule a 15-minute intro call today with our team.

Fee Structure

Free 1-Hour Initial Consultation

Tiered Annual Financial Planning Fee + Asset Management Fee billed quarterly in arrears.

Frontier Wealth Program – Medical Professionals in Training (Up to $1,000,000 of AUM)

  • Planning Fee – $3,500
  • AUM Fee – 0.65%

Established Doctors (Over $1,000,000 of AUM):

  • Planning Fee – $7,500
  • AUM Fee – 0.25%