Metanoia Financial

Bobby Cremins, CFA®, CFP®, CKA® founded Metanoia Financial to help individuals and families create and implement a plan to reach their financial goals and achieve financial peace.  We do this by developing long term relationships with our clients and walking with them throughout their lives to help them make wise decisions.  We follow common sense, academic research, and timeless Biblical principles in advising our clients.

Personal CFO Service – this is a combination of Financial Planning and Investment Management.  We come alongside our clients in an advisory/consultative role to help them define their goals and then create a personalized plan designed to meet those goals.  We only offer this as an ongoing, comprehensive wealth management service because we believe that gives our clients the highest probability of actually meeting their goals.  We believe that the primary determinant of our client’s long-term investment returns (and therefore the success of their plans) is their own behavior.  We help our clients manage the way they respond to periods of market euphoria and despair so they can avoid costly mistakes that most investors make.

Fee Structure:

Based on Assets Under Management (AUM)
First $1,000,000 1.00%
Next $2,000,000 0.80%
Balance above $3,000,000 0.60%

Minimum annual fee of $1000.