recently interviewed me about this website, financial advisor rating websites, and physician rating websites, as well as what physicians can do to maintain and improve their online reputations.  Here's an excerpt:

Physicians who seek to invest suffer scrutiny not only as investors but as physicians who are investing. It can be easy for them to get taken advantage of by unscrupulous business people.  Medical professional and investor James Dahle of provides some insight on how doctors can protect themselves and their reputations when investing.

How much stock should physicians or anyone else seeking to invest money put into online reputations of financial advisors?

Knowing the trash that shows up on “rating sites” for physicians, I'd be wary to believe much of what I read on rating sites for financial advisors. I do like to look at a financial advisor's website, but primarily to ascertain their training, experience, fees, and investment philosophy.  Read the rest here.

What did you think?  Did I get the questions right?  How do you deal with rating sites for financial advisors and for physicians?  Comment below!