Insuring Income

Rick Warren, MBA, and Robert Thomas are independent insurance agents who specialize in working with physicians across the country. They are long time contributors & advertisers. Their approach is simple, efficient, and straightforward while also embracing the digital tools that you can find at their website, Insuring Income They will help you to select, review, and apply for disability and term life insurance. Use the instant term life quote tool HERE. They also have a unique laddered term life tool with instant pricing HERE. No personal information required.  You can even start the application at the website in under 10 minutes.

All own occupation disability insurance carriers quoted. Offering discounts for all carriers. They have a unique DI Quote Roll that shows side by side pricing results for medical residents ($5,000 monthly benefit) in all states for over 50 specialties. Request quotes for Disability Insurance from the relevant specialty specific carriers. Here is an educational video they have made about disability insurance.

Insuring Income Application

Contact Info:

1 Kilby Street
Unit 41
Woburn, MA 01801
(781) 613-2104
[email protected]


“Insuring Income made the nebulous process of disability insurance super easy. I was a total newbie to this process, and I am inherently distrustful of people in general trying to sell me things. As a physician, I often feel like people add the “doctor tax” to everything I buy or ate otherwise trying to hustle me. I knew I needed disability insurance because of my profession and educational debt, but I was absolutely dreading having to disclose my job and income with some random company I was sure was going to scam me. However, after researching companies and finding both a hometown connection to this company, as well as overall good reputation with my peers, I decided to work with Insuring Income. Every question I had was answered. If someone didn't know, they found out in a very timely manner. Each person I worked with was very professional. I could reach whoever I needed at any time. I had some initial snags due to having multiple jobs, but the team seemed to understand the weird system of how doctors are paid, and how we often have clinical income, administrative income, consulting income, and/or a variety of different side gigs that make figuring out exactly what to insure even trickier. I felt like I had a fair spread of options to choose from. Setting up the exam and paperwork was all really easy. When I forgot to send something in, they sent friendly reminders. Beyond that, they clearly worked hard to know me as a client and what I needed, and I felt very looked after. I would highly recommend this group!” – Lisa T.

“Excellent team. Whole process from start to finish went very smoothly. Straight forward, no up-selling. Good communication. Answered all questions I had. Very happy with service and would definitely recommend to friends and family.” – Daniel S.

“Steve spent well over an hour on the phone with me answering my disability questions. He put no pressure on me to buy and simply sold me the policy with my best interests in mind.” – Christian V.

“Outstanding team. They came highly recommended by more than one financial advisor from a reputable firm in my building. I was not disappointed. Truly great experience, and guidance.” – Randy C.

“Rick Warren and the team were extremely helpful and responsive. They were always accessible and carefully guided me through the process. Most helpfully, they explained the differences between insurance quotes in great detail and provided advice when I asked for it. I had excellent experience with “Insuring Income”. Thank you” – George K.

“Excellent experience. Would do business with again and recommend without hesitation. Rick Warren and his team went the extra mile to obtain great coverage despite some health issues.” – Justin D.