Loan Officer: Todd Johnson
States: CO, IL, IN, IA, KY, MI, MN, OH, PA, SD, WV, WI

0% down up to $1,000,000, 5% down to $1,250,000, 10% down to $2,000,000. 1-2 Unit Properties, Condos, Townhouses, PUDs, Modular Homes. No PMI. No Prepayment Penalty. Non-Warrantable Condos to 90%. Our 15-year ARM is a unique product, and the rate is AMAZING!!! The rate is fixed for 15 years but amortizes over 30 years!


Available to medical doctors who have a minimum of a M.D., D.O., D.D.S., or D.M.D. degree and an employment contract (or verification of terms of employment acceptance). Medical Doctors including Dentists, Podiatrists, Ophthalmologists are permitted. Veterinarians are permitted.


No time restrictions on when a client starts their new employment vs. the closing date if they have enough reserves.  Most other lenders limit the purchase date to 60-90 days before starting a new position.  We also allow business assets and gift funds for the down payment, closing costs and reserves.  Debt-to-income ratios up to 50%.  No 2-year history is required for physicians hired as a contractor or 1099 employee.

Being a division of GreenState Credit Union allows us to have some of the most competitive conventional mortgages in all 50 states.

Contact: Todd Johnson (NMLS #224389) can be reached 630-697-7148  or [email protected]