I have over 20 years of mortgage banking experience and have helped well over 1000 families during this time. This experience may provide important assistance for someone who needs help during the home buying process. Fulton Mortgage Company offers a zero down payment loan with no mortgage insurance for up to $1,000,000. We can also offer a low 5% down payment no mortgage insurance solution for loan above $1,000,000 to a loan amount of $1,500,000. For loans above $1,500,000 to $a max of $2,000,000 we require 10% down payment. These loans do not require mortgage insurance and do not have a prepayment penalty for early pay off. We can close up to 90 days before the start of a new salary guaranteed job and us that income to qualify. We offer the loan with a 15 year fixed rate or 30 year fixed rate. We also have several adjustable rate mortgage. Please contact me for details.

Loan Officer: Jim Webster
States: DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA, DC


No mortgage insurance and no prepayment penalties. We can also not count student loans if the borrower is in residency and they have 6 months or more left until program ends.    Our program allows for gifts from family members for closing costs.

I can offer a zero down payment loans up to $1,000,000. A 5% down payment loan for loans from $1,000,001 to $1,500,000. Loans from $1,500,001 to $2,000,000 require only 10% down.

We offer fixed rate loans and adjustable rate loans. 15 year and 30 year fixed. 5 yr, 7 yr, 10yr and 15 yr ARMS.

Primary resident homes only. Must be US Citizen or have valid Green Card.


Medical Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians and Pharmacists
Resident Doctors are eligible and if starting a program we don’t count student loan payments in the debt in the debt to income ratio.


Our strength of program is very low requirements for down payment and funds to close. We allow up to 90 days form eligible income with a signed offer letter.

Jim Webster (NMLS #658933) can be reached at 240-620-1414 or [email protected]