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    No zoning. Simply (haha) permits.
    From a developer viewpoint the only advantage is financing the land. That’s about all he/she would be willing to give away. Apartments, townhouse or even commercial (size constraints). The advantage/problem is the area is heavily bi-lingual and gentrifying. Different targets.
    My take is becoming a developer is pretty steep learning curve. Doable but a lot of developers fail.
    Thanks to all for noodling this. Sticking a sign out sounds a lot easier. We get postcards every week.
    Sale is option one.

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    You lost me here.
    “And any profits would be subject to FICA taxes. “

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    Profits from being actively involved in the business of property development as a real estate dealer are considered earned income.

    Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP, Fox Wealth Mgmt & Fox CPAs ~ ~ [email protected]

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    Would you attempt to partner with a developer/builder and what terms?

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    Nope, too much risk because (I’m assuming) you know little to nothing about development. No possible scenario. You likely have better things to learn than how to be a devleoper, and given you’ll done develop once, seems like a lousy return on that investment of time to try/hope and get a good deal.


    Would you simply sell it and be done?

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