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    Selling while it makes sense would come with lots of issues. Obviously the poor would be giving organs to the rich and there would be endless debate issues, etc…Even if they got theirs by govt, it would still be inequal as it always would be. There will also always be some degree of predation on the poor in any kind of situation like that, so it would have to be set up to where the donor class was appropriately compensated.

    Likely there would be so many costs and legal issues to come from it that it would be nearly impossible to start.

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    I remember discussing this decades ago in econ class.  Very interesting stuff to think about, free market capitalists would argue that the supply/demand curve would make everything work.  Of course, since that econ class, I’ve accumulated enough gray hair to be extremely skeptic when an academic links together the words “free” “market” and “capitalist”….

    For me, outside of my family, my health is my most important asset–there is literally no amount of money that I would take to jeopardize it.  Plus I’m a huge wimp.  So, in answer to the OP, I’d give up a kidney only for household family.  (Luckily, no one will ask me to donate for my dog, so that narrows the list even more.)

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    Yes, just off the top of my head things that would instantly come up is are donors given lifetime health coverage for complications, etc…? What are legal protections or rights of donors/recipients, etc..? So many issues that would pop up and need to be fully accounted for, really a mess. Its always easier if something was just allowed prior and grandfathered in, trying to bring something up to speed all the sudden induces a whole host of issues, even if other things currently lack it.

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    So, no to sale or money… what if you got free Medicare for life after donation? Might increase the donor population.

    We have multi-millionaires docs hesitant to retire due to health care costs.

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    Image result for no from me dawg


    That said, my wife is legally entitled to one of my kidneys, one of my lungs, up to 60% of my liver.  Last I checked I think she already has both testes.  I might get them back in the divorce but if I’m lucky I’ll never have to find out.

    Other than that, depends on which kid and what they plan to do with it.  Ain’t about to waste a good kidney on art school.


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