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    Does anyone have any experience here working for at a military treatment facility as a civilian, particularly primary care?  My spouse is active duty, so we move every few years which makes establishing a practice in one place difficult.  I know the pay isn’t great but I’m paid well below the median for my specialty now.  Would appreciate hearing the good, the bad, and the ugly, and any tips on how to actually secure one of these positions either directly (USAjobs seems to be it?) or through a contractor?  Thanks in advance.


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    I hired civilians when I was active duty. They all got paid more than me and it actually was reasonably competitive with other civilian jobs. Plus no deployments! Yes, USAjobs but in your case just call up the head of your specialty at the base your spouse is going to and have them grease the skids for you. They’re almost surely short handed and would be glad to have you.

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    both my husband and i worked as DoD civilians in a MTF.  My husband was furloughed once during a government shut down.

    it was fine. my husband worked 6 years. i worked 5.

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    Thanks so much, Jim and bean1970 – really helpful to have that perspective and your advice!  We’re waiting to hear on the next assignment and figure out if it makes sense for me to move depending on the location and deployment schedule.

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    Spouses have preference in hiring for any open position. Primary Care is also always in need. Plus, if you know how to use AHLTA and CHCS, you’ll be way ahead of others.

    When you know where you are going to PCS, call the department chief for your specialty and tell them your situation. DOD services are evaluated on access to care and another PCP is always wanted! Ask if you can get the HR or contracting reps number. The HR chief should know if there’s going to be a position opening or is a position open…

    Even if there isn’t a position open, the MTF may be able to do a contract position. Forewarning, it can be kind of a cluster but in the end, they will pay you…

    Start as early as you can. The paperwork process, credentialing and approval process can be time consuming. Most of the roadblocks can be worked around by persistence and asking around. Don’t listen to the first person who tells you no…



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