Will I have to get a mortgage insurance?

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    I need to buy a warehouse for the storage of our construction equipment. Our current rented space is small and congested.

    We decided to buy a property on a loan. Apparently, from this online page, I was able to understand that I can get a max loan to value of 75%. In that case, I hope I wouldn’t require a mortgage insurance.

    Is it necessary to get a mortgage insurance? Please share your suggestions.


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    Question is one for your lender.

    You could shop multiple lenders and see what their policies are.

    Commercial loans are their own ballgame.


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    Talk to many folks, both small local banks and credit unions, and large lenders.

    Or a place online such as OnDeck (they sponsor Mike Rowe’s podcast).

    Or maybe a line of credit if you just need the cash for a shorter timeline?

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