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  • Lordosis Lordosis 
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    Oo what a great idea for a new thread “Where are they now / Who’s making the big bucks?” what the top 5 in your HS class did with their lives. Doooo itttt.

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    By overwhelming popular demand (1 person) let us investigate our prior classmates.

    Who were your top few and what do they do now.  Were your among them?

    Valedictorian- Social worker

    Salutatorian- Lawyer

    Me- I was in the top 25% but nothing special in high school.


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    Avatar Peds 
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    the only person i am still in contact with from HS is a lawyer.

    i think our graduating class was >900.

    welp, that was fun.

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    Zaphod Zaphod 
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    I have no idea who the top people were/are, nor what theyre doing. I do keep in touch with 1 person in that class. Unsure of my class rank but I’ll just say middling to lower half at best. I was definitely not paying attention to school or the people in it at the time.

    No idea where I am. Skipped my last reunion as it didnt seem worth wasting money/vacation on.

    I do know several from the class below me. One is a lawyer, one runs a fund is an MBA at a major firm, couple professors, small bit part actor (we were in a band together), etc…really quite impressive for such a small group of friends in no name blue collar school.

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    Avatar mapplebum 
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    LOL this is no fun unless you actually find out where the top 5 are (easy for me to say when all 5 are still on FB)


    #1 robotics engineer

    #2 stay at home mom (sister)

    #3 teacher at top 3 HS in the world (who knew those existed? She did)

    #4 WCI forum aficionado (skipped 12th grade sister not happy)

    #5 marketing manager big business

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    djohnflatfeecfp djohnflatfeecfp 
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    #1 grade school teacher

    #2 not sure, but wanted to be a CPA

    #3 state at home mom


    I was way down the list:-)

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    Avatar ajm184 
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    Still very good friends with two HS classmates, one is in Treasury at a private large manufacturer, the other works for HPE in server pre-sales.  Valedictorian I believe is an engineer in Iowa.  Police officer, OTR truck driver, HR, nurse are some of the other professions from our class of 425’ish.  Probably lucky if I was at the 50% in my class, certainly had some growing up to do (probably still do).

    One graduate (after me), won Olympic Gold in Track and Field.  I was looking for the 1978 senior class prank picture to post.  Our school has a planetarium and let’s just say it is an anatomical rendering of a human body part.  The next year, the class stole every commercial and residential realtor sign from our town of 85K and placed them in front of the school.

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    Avatar Kuratz 
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    Notable from high school:
    -Google senior engineer (co-valedictorian)
    -PhD in economics from Cornell now doing cryptocurrency stuff in NYC ($$$)
    -Couple of lawyers (no big law)
    -Higher up Engineer for the state
    -Couple others wrapping up science PhDs
    -F-18 pilot for the Air Force
    -I was also co-valedictorian and the only one in medicine (to my knowledge) though plenty of CNAs, RNs, ancillary staff.

    Class size 425, ten years out. Blue collar area. Most people still in town. Some are doing very well, others (most?) with basic office jobs, construction, tradesmen, retail, a priest, plenty of SAHMs, a non-insignificant number of males living in parents’ basement (is this a millennial thing?), some in jail and maybe 5-6 that died (overdoses/MVCs). Pretty good smattering of where life can take you, tbh. No one from my class with fame or crazy wealth, though, which I’m sure happens more frequently at the boujee private schools.

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    Avatar bean1970 
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    We had a class of roughly 500 public school.  this is all i know

    #1 valedictorian:  physician

    Class president: High school teacher

    Three total physicians (myself, #1 above, and one other guy)

    Four lawyers

    No more than 8 military (including myself…two officers including myself)

    18 are deceased, with at least four dying from post-op PEs.


    high school is average small town Midwest with one public high school.. several farmers, most stay in town and work labor jobs or bartend. Lots of school teachers

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    Avatar wideopenspaces 
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    I guess you’d need facebook to be able to answer this question . . . Or a good memory, I can’t remember what # I graduated, maybe 7?

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    Avatar mapplebum 
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    I guess you’d need facebook to be able to answer this question . . . Or a good memory, I can’t remember what # I graduated, maybe 7?

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    I almost pulled out my year book. Resisted. 🙂

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    Hank Hank 
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    F-18 pilot for the Air Force

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    Seems highly unlikely, since the F/A-18 is a Navy and Marine aircraft.

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    childay childay 
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    Honestly no idea.  Not on social media.

    Though, I think you meant “edition.”

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    Avatar bean1970 
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    Splash Refinancing Bonus
    Not on social media.

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    social media not necessary….i just go to the reunion.  this year i even went on the tour (first time since i graduated). i went into parts of the school i had never ventured into…like the shop wing. OMG! it was so amazing and i had never been in those rooms! .and now i feel like i missed out on a bunch of cool stuff in high school taking Brit Lit when i could have been learning to do engine work.  they had so many engines suspended from the ceiling.  the first room of that wing was the drivers ed room…so i had been in that..but never further down the hall……  i guess it depends on the vibe of your school…but our reunions are fun and well attended.


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    Avatar Brains428 
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    All boy Catholic prep school in Texas… graduating class about 120-

    #1- Engineer for TI for a while, went to MIT. Don’t know now.

    #2- Engineer somewhere in Texas, went to Duke.

    #3-7- engineer, tech somewhere in silicon valley on a year long hiatus (not per facebook, but snapchat and IG), journalist (Northwestern grad) turned to the food industry, engineer

    I was 8— radiologist.

    One of the other eventual physicians in my class is one of my best friends who I still keep in contact with became a psychiatrist and was somewhere in the bottom quarter. We laughed because it listed that he was going to the local community college since his mom didn’t fill out applications for him. He did end up matriculating at the local commuter university that fall.

    Another future physician took a more circuitous route… got his now wife pregnant around 20, worked for a while in labs, got a PhD, and is now a 2nd or 3rd year student. His wife managed to finish college in 5 years and also get into med school upon graduation.

    Having gone to a smaller school that has a lot of tradition, it’s not uncommon to know what people ended up doing. The only people who end up going to the reunion who are those that live in my hometown. I may try to make it back for the 20 year.

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    SerrateAndDominate SerrateAndDominate 
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    I have no idea. I grew up in south MS and moved to Orlando area after 9th grade. I probably keep up with one person from my high school class. They had a co-valedictorian system that was too open aka too many. They changed it after my year.

    I kinda am curious what some ended up doing. I’m not on social media but would like to attend a 20 year reunion. The MS grads are mostly around the area. I think the Val of that group ended up going to Rice law school. No clue after that.

    I only know one of those FL vals ended up as a baller pathologist 😉

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