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What's your Match?

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    I’m in 10 person private practice. We match up to 5%, although I think it may take 7 years to be fully vested.

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    I work at Kaiser in Portland, Oregon. Salaried above median for my specialty.

    The retirement plan is as follows:

    401k: Kaiser contributes 11% of salary (up to Federal salary limit of 11% of $270k).

    Cash balance plan: Employer contributes 10% of your salary (up to Federal salary limit of 10% $270k).  This grows by a fixed 4% each year.

    Supplemental Excess Retirement Plan: If your salary is over $270k, KPNW gives you a bonus of of 10 to 11% of the amount of salary over 270k each year. This is paid as a post-tax, year end bonus, and so is considerably less valuable since it’s taxed.

    None of the above are dependent on employee contribution. So I get the same amount whether or not I contribute to my 401k etc.

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    Corporate overlord matches 4%, annoyingly you can’t front load and have to contribute throughout the year, which has caused me to lose 1% annually. We also have a “pension” of which I’m skeptical. Time to start looking, perhaps. I’ve ended up with way too much in taxable and the asset protection thread has given me pause.

    Not for profit, non academic.

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    The White Coat Investor The White Coat Investor
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    As I transition from 1099 to W2, I will be getting a match now for my retirement accounts.

    Wondering… what is a typical match?

    Are most step-wise as you increase the years you are at the institution?

    Just curious… I think the match I am being offered is good but want to compare.


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