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    Hassle of storage, expense of swapping twice a year and purchasing two sets. Weigh that vs the newer options out there, some of which have Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) like the CrossClimate+.

    In my mind this should at least make people question the status quo like I am.

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    it might work where i live, where we get 1-2 days of snow per year. i still get dedicated snow tires installed for the ten or so days of skiing i do, since they’re required in lieu of chains and offer me and my loved ones the most safety aside from staying home. i would never do less than true winter tires in an actual four season climate. the added expense is minimal in the scheme of things given each set of tires gets its full lifetime of mileage. set of steel wheels is under $100. i change them myself in forty five minutes with nothing more than a breaker bar and torque wrench, it’s good practice so i know how to change a flat quickly in case of emergency.


    have you read about the tire? here’s what tirerack says:


    Note: 3PMSF-branded all-season and all-terrain tires cannot match the traction of dedicated winter / snow tires in all winter weather conditions and should not be considered a replacement for where and when a dedicated winter tire is needed.

    so you live in north dakota or minnesota and want to save 90 minutes and maybe $100 a year for an inferior product, i guess that’s a choice you can make for your loved ones. for me, like i said, minimal expense/hassle, snow tires are a no brainer.

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    I’m looking to get the safest tire for the family without adding complexity to our busy lives. Good news is that my local costco carries the CrossClimate+ for $200 less than Tirerack as of this month. It’s a newer tire for the States.

    If the Canadians and Europeans allow this tire to be driven in areas where snow tires are mandatory, then it is good enough for me when driving my kids in town and on the rare country road/highway.

    I fully admit that it is not a true winter tire, but it looks like it will suit our needs just fine.

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