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    Had to open new account for spouse (havent needed to do anything in years).

    Vanguard needed info on employer, income, and liquid assets. Something to do with regulatory requirements.


    The employer we gave. Doesnt bother me.

    However we make $1, and have a liquid NW of <20K (lowest answer possible) in their eyes.


    Similar issue with other brokers? A weird Vanguard thing? Seems very completely utterly unnecessary.

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    Vagabond MD Vagabond MD 
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    I recall providing that information for opening new brokerage accounts.

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    Standard for new brokerage accounts.  I don’t think your answers matter.  Just like when opening a new credit card and they ask your annual income to set your credit limit.

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    Disability Insurance
    Standard for new brokerage accounts

    Click to expand…

    i wonder why?

    agree. i answered $1 in income when i set up my last bank account. guy just laughed and put it in.

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     Larry Ragman 
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    I don’t pay close attention to the regulations, but I think what you are seeing here is the flip side of the “accredited investor” issue. The SEC regulates mutual fund companies, brokers, etc to protect the public from information asymmetries (i.e., financial sharpies ripping us off). Investment firms are allowed to sell much higher risk products to accredited investors. The info you cite documents who’s who.

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