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    I think the tax code is currently progressive, so adding another tier about 9,500,000 above the highest current level doesn’t seem inconsistent. In fact, I think you could call the current tiers arbitrary.

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    Very few of the income earned above 2-3M is straight ordinary income. Most of it is in capital gains. Unless you also want to see an increase in capital gains rate I don’t see that extra income tax bracket really bringing any additional money for the effort put in. But it gives some socialists great villains to throw poison darts ( or spears) at.

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    Avatar Kamban 
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    It seems they will also chase you down if you try to flee: Congratulations on a successful escape.

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    I have no problem with them fleeing but in the case of the super rich NY who flee, they try to have the cake and eat it too. They want to avoid all the extra taxes but also want to savor the glitz of NY. I say to them – if you want to enjoy all that extra money that you don’t want to give to NY then stay put in the boondocks and don’t come to NYC often or have a expensive apartment there.

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    “The complexity is simply mind blowing and frankly impossible.”

    At some point, impossibility gives way to reality. Like, why screw around with the hard stuff?
    Checking account ? Tax it.
    Bank account ? Tax it.
    401k ? Tax it.
    IRA ? Tax it.
    New Year’s Eve? That sucking sound is piece of cash being sucked outta yo wallet.
    No reason to wait for a return, it’s not net wealth it’s a cash grab. Why bother with exemptions? It’s all for a good cause. Can’t wait for January 2, forced liquidation.
    Geez really simple, take the money.

    Cool part is even tax churches and hospitals and charities. Eliminates lobbyists! Gone!

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    No, its not that simple. Gonna tax my 401(k)? Do I have to pay the early withdrawal penalty if I pay the tax from the 401(k) or not?

    Gonna tax my bank account but not my whole life policy? Okay, I’ll “Bank on Myself.”

    Gonna tax my mutual fund account but not my rental property? Okay, I’ll change my portfolio to 20/80 instead of 80/20.


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    Yes, it’s a cat. and mouse game. Nice move.
    Now tax wealth on value on the property tax roll,
    tax the premium deposits on the life insurance policy held by the insurance company, require withholding tax on life insurance proceeds upon you unfortunate demise. My point is simply the federal government has used “wealth “ as a qualification but never “taxed wealth”. Some have spent years and structures that have real economic consequences. The movement for wealth redistribution will shoot for it the easiest way possible. Changing the rules will be extremely disruptive. Grandfathering old arrangements has been the technique. The goal of the wealth tax is to get money. That’s what it would do, simply grab it.

    It has been done before in different countries. Not with good results. Destroying wealth is harmful. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen as some are floating it as being “fair and just”.

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    Zaphod Zaphod 
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    Higher tax rates do nothing because people will just structure their assets in a way to avoid them. Do you think it’s by coincidence that buffett pays like 15% tax?

    If you want to increase tax revenue you do it by removing deductions, not changing rates. Rates don’t mean anything because if you can claim a trillion deductions those rates are never realized. Eliminate all deductions, tax all income the same. Get rid of the irs and simplify it all.

    There is 0 evidence that increasing tax rates will do anything productive. It will lead to increased rates of tax evasion, more complexity to the accounting and if anything will hurt the “low upper class (relatively, like doctors) way more than it will hurt the mega rich, who can employ 20 accountants to structure their stuff in most tax efficient way possible.

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    Buffetts tax rate has zero to do with structure of anything other than the tax code. He doesnt make much income. Its solely to do with source of income and its preferential tax treatment.

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    He’s a bad example, think someone like our president.

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