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    Do any of you invest in a Treasury Direct account? I am buying $10,000 annually in iBonds, as an inflation hedge and tax-deferred savings account. I have yet to buy TIPs, Treasury  bonds/notes etc, as my comfort level of buying individual bond is low. Mostly investor in individual stock and mutual funds. Any tips on investing in government securities?

    As I approach middle age, I am catching up in terms of my bond asset allocation.

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    I have contemplated putting some in that but the website was so overwhelming and odd that it deterred me. This was almost 9-10 months ago.

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    CM CM 
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    Do any of you invest in a Treasury Direct account?

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    I do. Mainly t-bills.

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    Of course. I bonds.

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    I did 3 months ago aand used reinvestment for 3 cycles. I decided Vanguard fund is simple and easy and when the funds come back in a month or so, I will move them to Vanguard.

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    I do I bonds and t-bills through TD. It’s Ok once you get used to it.

    You can get treasuries through most brokerages though like Fidelity etc (but not I bonds).

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