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    Hello All,

    I made a dumb mistake in that when i was in residency, I put my ROTH IRA funds into USAA mutual funds. They have okay performance but horrible fees. I’m glad that at least at that age I was investing, but it just wasnt in the best place IMO. I would like to consolidate my roth IRA from USAA to my current at Fidelity and exchange the shares from the USAA funds to vanguard (or anything else honestly). I could not find out the fees associated with this. My question is: should i suck up the poor investment choice and just let that specific roth ride itself out and focus on my new one or should I bite the bullet and transfer it and exchange, knowing their are associated fees

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    If at fidelity buy fidelity funds. If you want Vanguard, move to Vanguard.

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    Transfer directly from Roth to Roth. Do not get a check made in your name. No fees for transferring. The. Buy whatever investment you want with it

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    Just call Fidelity and tell them you want to rollover a Roth IRA. They’ll make it easy. Vanguard would do the same.

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