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    Oh smack —  7 seater option.   Fall 2020 is a bit disappointing unfortunately.

    Car and Driver:

    So get the initial LongRange Rear Drive or sport $4k more for the AWD?

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    Molar Mechanic Molar Mechanic 
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    Slick looking. Will be interesting to see how much room there really is in those back seats.


    Personally, the five seat version would be perfect for me, but I’m not shopping.  We’ll see what the options are next year when we shop more seriously for a new family hauler.  I was hoping they would offer a jumbo battery road trip warrior option, too.  I knew that was a long shot.

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    Recharge 168 miles in 15 minutes at Supercharger locations.   — this caught my attention on the new supercharger V3.0

    We spec’d out the 7 seater for now while awaiting more specifics on the reality of the space and how much it’ll eat up when folded down too.

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    jhenry jhenry 
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    I have regarded Musk as a brilliant entrepreneur, but have had suspicion towards the cult who load up on the TSLA stock disregarding fundamentals and idiosyncratic risk. I also have not cared for Musk’s misleading communications with the capital markets, his dealings with the SEC and Tesla’s corporate governance.

    However, when I actually drove in a Tesla, I had to admit they are cool and a lot of fun! Much respect to Elon.

    Joshua Henry, Meridian Financial Advisory ~ [email protected]

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