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    Splash Refinancing Bonus

    In med school a buddy and I spent 400 eachfor nose bleed seats in philly to watch the Yankees win game 3 of the World Series.  Totally worth it even as broke med students.  More recently, in the same year I splurged on 10k + trips to Maui and Ireland with my wife. Bought my parents tickets to see my sister, niece and nephew for my dads 80th, then surprised them at dinner.  Still saved 25% of my gross salary for retirement though. What’s the point of having all this money if you don’t use it for experiences with those you love while you still have time?

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    I’m about to drop $2k to get a ticket for game 6 of Stanley Cup, with the chance to see my team win their first ever championship.


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    As a Canadian, I would normally support your decision to buy hockey tickets.

    But this year, hell no. Up here we’re all watching basketball.

    Go Raptors!

    fatlittlepig fatlittlepig 
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    Spent 2k on second row orchestra Hamilton tickets on broadway on a Saturday night for me and the wife.

    Don’t regret it one bit – was a night we won’t forget.

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    I wouldn’t watch it for free, just not my kind of music (I watched a few minutes on YouTube). Seems like another overhyped trendy thing. 2 grand for a show, that seems like a bit much. I wonder how many people really liked it vs. not wanting to admit they didn’t.

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    Hamilton on Broadway was my biggest lifetime splurge and I have no regrets.  I created memories of a lifetime with my son.

    The hardest part was knowing and I could have sold the tickets and paid for our entire trip from WA state to NY!

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    I’ve never regretted a penny spent on Broadway tickets. We still haven’t splurged on Hamilton. At this point hope the craze calms down and can pay more typical prices to see the show.

    I just bought 2 Madonna tickets in small venue in Brooklyn, 10th row Orchestra for…$1700. We might sell them if resale market goes crazy but spouse is huge fan so don’t regret the spend. To me, these kind of purchases are preferable to long term financial commitments like a larger home or buying car on payments.

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    $5000 for business class international flight …. and another $5000 trip to turks and caicos…. between the 2 trips, my spare cash is all gone ….but like OP said.. screw it , it’s time to spend

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    hatton1 hatton1 
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    More mundane but I just added a device to my alarm system that allows me to open and close my garage door from my phone (also to check if I closed it).  Do I need it.  No but I wanted it.

    jfoxcpacfp jfoxcpacfp 
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    More mundane but I just added a device to my alarm system that allows me to open and close my garage door from my phone (also to check if I closed it).  Do I need it.  No but I wanted it.

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    Usually, the more mundane items are the most practical (and add the most value).

    Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP: I am not your financial advisor; any responses are for general purposes only ~ [email protected]

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    To each their own.

    I left out that I had bought a bunch of tickets, sold them for a 4K profit and used 2k of that to buy ours.

    But we are huge theater fans and wife is an actress so it was a great time. Also we don’t fly much so don’t spend on fancy vacations.

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    Earnest refinancing bonus

    $1,000 / night to stay at Grand Hyatt on Kauai with my wife for our baby moon.  Got the airfare on points but cash upgraded to United economy plus which was sooooooo worth it!

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    Avatar Tim 
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    Trip to Vegas (all female)
    2 Attendings,
    1 MA
    2 Fellows finishing
    Purpose of the trip:
    Meet and greet for Backstreet Boys tickets provided by Dept Chair as grad gift. Reliving boy bands from a different phase of life. Trip report: BEST DAY EVER!

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    Good for you Rogue Dad!


    I have seen Hamilton, worth every penny.  Would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Career and finance for PCPs at

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    You’ll need the trip to Hawaii to recover from seeing the Bruins come back

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    to get a ticket for game 6 of Stanley Cup,

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    I think it’ll go to game 7. We’ll see.

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    Avatar orthodoc2018 
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    I was a fellow still at the time 😱

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