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    I’m an intern that is married to a spouse with an income of $45,000 per year. I am working on the income-driven repayment plan application and was wondering about the statement, “Do you have taxable income?” I have not filed a tax return the past two years, so am I correct in assuming I can say “no” to this question even though I just started getting a paycheck July 1st of this year?

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    From my understanding it is asking if you have taxable income at the time of applying for REPAYE, so if you are applying after July 1 you technically have disposable income at that point which REPAYE takes into account. I was able to apply to REPAYE before the start date of residency so had an income of $0 at that point, so my payment was based off of that $0 income.

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    Did you get married this year? If you were married last year, then you very well should have filed a tax return. If you didn’t file despite being married last year, you likely paid more than you needed in tax. and missed an opportunity to file taxes to verify your low level of income. Either way, now that you are receiving a paycheck, seems like the documentation you’d need to provide would be your current paystub at a minimum.

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