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  • The White Coat Investor The White Coat Investor 
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    Disability Insurance

    We’re doing another podcast with Physician on Fire and Passive Income MD. We’ll be recording Thursday morning and it’ll run later this month.

    What questions do you think I should ask them (or what questions do you have for any of us?)

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    • What are the areas of the largest financial planning disagreements between the 3 of you?
    • Clearly WCI has made a big splash in this space and the POF/PIMD network only increases that power/influence, what percentage of doctors do you think are reachable with your collective message? What percentage do you think are immune to it and will always live in financial ignorance and/or frustration doing “stupid doctor tricks?”
    • Has your blogging/online work affected your professional relationships with colleagues in any way?
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    Avatar justlearning 
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    Thanks for the podcast. Simple questions;

    What are the things you guys are grateful in 2018?
    Do you have any goals for 2019?

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    Splash Refinancing Bonus

    For POF,

    The hardest aspect of retiring from medicine is the finality giving up your skills.  I know he plans to retire from his current position, but is he fully shutting it down or is he planning on keeping his anesthesia skills up by doing locums after “retiring”?  Does he plan to keep his license active?  Take me through the strife of that decision making process to give up those skills.


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    nachos31 nachos31 
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    You three cross pollinate each others’ blogs and social media. Any plans in the near future for greater collaboration or new projects?


    PoF, what was your reaction upon hearing that WCI opened a DAF?


    What is your favorite online outlet for financial discourse: blog comments, Facebook, Twitter, or other?



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    nachos31 nachos31 
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    Sorry, my phone isn’t being buggy with the text field.


    Any new financial blogs/presences that you’re hooked on currently?


    How mean is WCI behind the scenes? 😉

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    Vagabond MD Vagabond MD 
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    WCI, what are your favorite hiking trails in the state of Utah?

    Have you ever been to Snow Canyon State Park?

    PoF, what is your favorite style of beer? Are there injuries associated with curling?

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    If I recall POF is in early 40s with 2 children and is budgeting roughly $20k/year for health insurance. This seems like one of the most difficult items to plan for over 20 years or so until Medicare. I’d like to know what his thoughts are with regards to its impact on his RE.

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    Avatar Anne 
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    How often do any of you get writer’s block while thinking up your next post and think “ugh, I wish I could just go see some patients today instead of thinking up something new to write about”

    If you all had been in the same class in med school together, what would your dynamic have been like?  Close friends?  Barely knowing each other?  Competitors?

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    I feel like I know WCI and PoF more than I know PIMD…

    So for PIMD: What is you comfort zone on how much debt to equity ratio you use for your rental properties? Since you live in a HCOL area, how do you find the best deals to make sure the property is cash flow positive? How are you protecting yourself from the “bubble bursting” with the real estate market?

    PoF: Do you think your volunteer work would keep your skills up enough to return to work, if you desired? How much time would you need to work to not loose the skills? (side note: as a part time CMO and part time doc, I can keep my skills up but would not want to decrease my volume any further… but could image taking off 4 months, working a month or two, then taking off another 4 months… repeat… but I am not willing to go to full time CMO and loose all my skills… the thought of not being able to go back is scary to me.)


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    PhysicianOnFIRE PhysicianOnFIRE 
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    What’s the best sport on ice?

    After all, WCI was a college hockey player.


    I don’t think PIMD has a horse in this race.

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    I recall PIMD resides in HCOL area (California), whereas WCI and POF reside is LCOL area (Utah and Minnesota). I live in HCOL (NYC area). How does PIMD and his local financially independent physician colleagues cope with HCOL area (as opposed to the docs barely getting by), and what are WCI/POF’s take? Some of us are stuck in HCOL (either by marriage, family commitments and time invested/sunk in our practice).  If I had to do it all over again,I would start in a LCOL area for better work/life balance. Somehow, I am getting by and can technically RE (no student loans, prodigious saving, frugal spouse who also is a physician and considerable luck), but I am working until my kids are through most of college to get over hump.


    Thanks for all that you do, WCI, POF and PIMD.

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    hatton1 hatton1 
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    Each of you…What was your greatest financial mistake?  I think people learn from their mistakes and others can learn from them.

    Now that each of you are internet famous what is next?

    Which format do each of you most enjoy….blog, forum, facebook, podcast?

    How do you think of topics?



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    Avatar Tim 
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    How will each of you deal with CEA?
    It is very, very addictive.
    Compulsive Entrepreneur Activities:
    Having bee has been described as the “capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit” and a NEED to rinse and repeat.
    Some people keep “working” although not for pay-Buffet. Others switch gears to non-profit (Gates).
    Others fail with CEA. Keep going back to building something new ( Allen, Cuban).

    Is it emotionally possible to live your life without moving on to the next project?

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    The most interesting question you could answer would be the financial terms of the WCI Network, POF, and PIMD. Like does WCI own 25% of the POF website?  Of course, I understand if you don’t want to disclose the terms.



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