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    We have to take all comers but not keep all comers — I can just tell patients I don’t think we would be a good fit or xyz you expect isn’t how I practice etc. (Xanax + Percocet+ambien etc). You are, of course, still left with difficult patients. That’s where setting rigid boundaries is hard but if you stick to it the patient oftentimes leaves.

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    Good idea.
    Don’t you guys keep notes in the EHR?
    I do….

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    Is this information available to all other unsuspecting doctors who might happen upon them?

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    of course not.

    dont you guys know of epics sticky notes?

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    alpha investing

    Maybe Press Ganey can put in a thumbs up/ thumbs down button or a color coding. The I Agree button lets a doc rate the patient too! Patient throws a bomb, toss a grenade. Self defense is justified.
    What could go wrong? Scrape the reviews and you have a purely defensive tool.

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