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    For Barcelona, Bar cañete in Barcelona right off las ramblas was some of the best seafood I’ve had in awhile.  Great vibe, nice, but casual, not super pricey.  Accessible for kids too.  If you can, sit at the seafood bar.

    Walking around La Boqueria is a pretty impressive food market and is easy to do on a whim.  If you’re adventerous, try some percebes (sea barnacles) and get some true 5J iberico ham – very hard to get either in the states (legally).

    La Sagrada Familia is one to plan for – need a timed ticket to get in and worth seeing.


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    Resurrecting this thread – I am headed to Barcelona and wondering if anyone has recommendations about accommodations.  Going with a friend, no kids, 7 days. Rental Airbnb options seem pretty good, hotels also seem reasonable, wondering if anyone has experience. thanks!

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