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    My 6 year old’s pediatric dentist recommends two tooth sealants to prevent cavities ($70 each, not covered by dental insurance), and a panoramic x-ray (partially covered by insurance). Are these standard recommendations? (I wasn’t there at the visit to ask the dentist.) Is there a dental schedule available, similar to an immunization schedule?

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    fluoride is rec q6m:

    i dont know about xrays but i dont see why routine….

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    Pano is standard and good practice to head off problems early.

    Sealants now save fillings later. Some people’s teeth have cusps like rolling hills, others like the Himalayan mountains. Deep crevices + typical 6 year old hygiene is a recipe for occlusal cavities.

    I don’t do general dentistry and don’t do insurance, but I’m surprised insurance won’t cover sealants.

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    Sealants definitely justifiable, as far as I am aware ADA recommends panoramic radiograph every 3 years starting at age 7. But for a dentally precarious 6 year old this is also justifiable.

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