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    I am a W2 salaried physician married filing jointly 315k-415k.

    I have made money (given several 1099-MISC) by doing surveys which generated honoraria.  I fill out a schedule C and pay taxes including self-employment tax.

    When filling out my return on tax software, I was listed as getting the Qualified Business Income Deduction.


    My questions are these:

    1. Should I be getting the QBI Deduction with earning honoraria is listed as a business for me.  I do do the surveys regularly throughout the year.

    2. Am I a Specified Service Trade or Business?  The IRS is not clear on this in that it states in the new guidelines that physicians providing medical services directly to a service recipient are SSTB, but what about when the money is earned through completing online surveys and has nothing to do with patient care??

    Any help with this would be appreciated.


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    if your total income is under the threshold then yes you can qualify.

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    Sounds like you qualify to me. I do not believe filling out surveys qualified as a SSTB so the income thresholds would not apply. But that’s jmpo.

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